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Life Care Center of Elkhorn chairs Moving Day

Participants walk along the path for Moving Day 2018.

Nebraska’s first-ever Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day took place on April 28, 2018 at Stinson Park in Omaha, Nebraska.

Drawing more than 480 people, including those with Parkinson’s disease, their families and volunteers, the event raised $65,332 toward research for a Parkinson’s cure.

Many staff members of Life Care Center of Elkhorn served on the local committee. The committee, together with the National Parkinson’s Foundation, worked for months to ensure a successful day...

Life Care Center of Elkhorn hosts renowned Parkinson’s expert

Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Nebraska, hosted Dr. Becky Farley for a community-wide Parkinson’s educational event.

Farley is a physical therapist, neuroscientist and Parkinson’s disease exercise expert. In 2003, she created LSVT BIG™, the first amplitude-focused physical and occupational therapy approach. Since then, she has developed PWR!Moves, a more flexible Parkinson’s-specific exercise approach that incorporates high-effort training of faster and larger functional movements.