Aleksandra Jasinski

Aleksandra Jasinski, a survivor of the Stutthof concentration camp near Sztutowo, Germany, has been featured in a national magazine.


Jasinski is currently a resident at Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Nebraska a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center run by Life Care Centers of America. The company manages more than 200 centers around the country and publishes a handful of residents’ life stories each year in its LEADER magazine. Jasinski’s story was recently published in the 2018 edition.


After becoming a courier to deliver messages between partisan groups in the resistance movement of World War II, Jasinski was arrested by the Gestapo when she was 15 and sent to labor camps, eventually ending up in Stutthof. There, she was forced into grueling labor with only meager portions of food to sustain her.


After being forced to evacuate and relocate to a BMW airplane engine factory in January 1945, the prisoners were liberated by American soldiers in May 1945. As a result, Jasinski met her husband, Karol, and spent the next few years traveling abroad to various camps with him due to his work with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Jasinski and Karol finally made their way to Chicago from an Australian refugee camp with their new daughter, Anna, in 1956.


Jasinski’s adventurous life led her on a path that eventually brought her to her current residence at Life Care Center of Elkhorn. She is frequently visited by her daughter, Anna, son and daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.


For more information or to obtain a complimentary copy of LEADER magazine, stop by Life Care Center of Elkhorn, or call 402-289-2572.