Ky’Lee Baumert, physical therapist, and Sherrie Bluhm

Sherrie Bluhm was experiencing severe pain in her lower back that had built up over 30 years.


The pain was so severe that, although Bluhm was independent, she couldn’t walk or move normally. Her doctor suggested she try therapy.


Bluhm had been working at Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Nebraska, as a housekeeper and decided to start outpatient therapy on Jan. 5, 2017.


In the beginning, Bluhm’s pain registered at a five out of 10 while at rest, and her strength registered at a two out of five for her core muscles and a three out of five for her hip abductors.


Physical Therapist Ky’Lee Baumert worked with Bluhm on core stabilization progression, active trigger point release, soft tissue massage, gluteal and lower extremity strengthening and posture re-education.


“They worked with me, and I did what they said,” shared Bluhm. “I’m pain-free and feel really relaxed in my own body.”


Bluhm ended therapy on Feb. 10 with no pain at rest, and her core and hip abductor strength improved to a four out of five.