Joann Mitchel-Ewing with (left to right) Staci Haskett, occupational therapist assistant; Elizabeth Dentlinger, physical therapist; Jen Shannon, physical therapist assistant; Ann Mannschreck, occupational therapist.

Joann Mitchel-Ewing needed rehabilitative therapy following a stroke.


She was admitted to Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Nebraska, on Dec. 16, 2016.


When Ewing first got to the facility, she was unable to walk, needed maximum assistance with transferring from one surface to another and moderate assistance getting in and out of bed.


Ewing had therapy six times per week. Physical and occupational therapists worked with her to help her regain her strength, and speech therapists helped her with her cognitive and speech limitations.


Once Ewing was ready to finish therapy, she was able to walk 128 feet with a leg brace and an Eva Walker, a walker designed to support the patient’s weight when exercising, and she had complete mobility getting in and out of bed with only contact guard assistance to help her keep her balance.


“My experience with therapy has been the best!” exclaimed Ewing. “I love this place. I have the best therapists.”


“Joann is such a pleasure to see every day,” said Jennifer Shannon. “Her enthusiasm is contagious in the therapy gym. [She did a] great job every day!”


Ewing finished therapy on Feb. 22, 2017, and has stayed at the facility as a long-term care resident.