Left to right: Greta Schoneman, physical therapist assistant; Cathryn Henderson; Staci Haskett, occupational therapist assistant; and Michelle Jones, physical therapist assistant

After falling and breaking her left leg, Cathryn Henderson chose Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Nebraska, for her rehabilitation.


Henderson came to the facility on Sept. 16, 2016, needing total assistance with all her mobility and activities of daily living.


Therapists worked with Henderson six days a week in physical and occupational therapy, guiding her in function-based exercises and full-body strengthening. When she was ready to practice walking, they used the parallel bars, a standing frame and a treadmill to help her relearn her gait. She also had the advantage of the FreeStep Supported Ambulation System, which harnesses the patient to a track in the ceiling for support and stability.


“Cathy was absolutely the hardest worker in her rehab journey,” said Christine Montes, physical therapist. “Her hard work has paid off, and she is returning home with her family!”


“My stay here was the best experience of my life,” said Henderson. “The rehab was hard, but I applied myself to what the therapists taught me, and now I am going home with new skills to be safe and avoid accidents. I thank all the staff members for their help in sending me home put together again.”


Henderson went home on March 29, 2017, independent in her mobility and only needing slight assistance with bathing.

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